Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use

Our policy for protecting your personal data aims to establish a relationship of trust between you and our services, in order to provide you with a positive experience in a completely transparent manner.

Through this policy, we aim to take into account your requirements and meet your expectations. To maintain your trust, EURL EP PUBLISHING guarantees the utmost respect for your personal data, as well as the confidentiality of our clients' information (hereinafter referred to as "Your Data").

In order to be completely transparent with you and to ensure the secure use of our website https://Y2K-streetwear.store/pages/cgv in all its available versions and related applications (hereinafter referred to as the "Site https://Y2K-streetwear.store/"), we provide information on how we process your data, ensuring that our services are always in accordance with respecting your rights. In this way, we ensure the security, confidentiality, and non-alteration of your privacy and data across all our platforms.

Our policy and we ourselves guarantee that all necessary precautions to protect all of your data against disclosure, loss, or alteration are taken. Therefore, we provide you with all the necessary information to easily understand how we process your data. This data will only be retained for the time necessary for the determined management and processing. You will, of course, have access to your data and be able to modify it at any time since it will be available on your personal spaces on the Y2K-streetwear.store website.

For these purposes, we strive to take all necessary measures to comply with applicable data protection law.

Thus, undersigned EURL EP PUBLISHING commits through this personal data protection policy to respect the essential principles of the General European Regulation and French law on personal data protection, by providing you with information regarding the existence and methods of processing data applied here (paragraph 3), the rights you have regarding your data, as well as by applying these rights ourselves (paragraph 6 and 10). Any information regarding any transfers to a third country or recipients is also provided, as well as the retention period of the collected data (paragraph 5), and security measures (paragraph 9).


When we refer to "you" in this Personal Data Protection Policy, it is simply because it is directly related to you and concerns you as a client of EURL EP PUBLISHING, if you have placed an order on the Y2K-streetwear.store website, as a client of EURL EP PUBLISHING if you have created a customer account but have not ordered any products or services, or if you have browsed as a visitor on the Y2K-STREETWEAR.store site without creating a customer account or placing an order.


EURL EP PUBLISHING is a company with a capital of 1000 euros, registered with the Lyon Trade and Companies Register under number 843051327. EURL EP PUBLISHING publishes the Y2K-streetwear.store Site and implements, as such, various processing of your Data as the data controller.


3.1. When do we collect your personal data? Your personal data may be collected if you visit the Y2K-STREETWEAR.store site using cookies, if you create a customer account on the Y2K-STREETWEAR.store site, if you place an order for one of our products or services, or if you agree to be a member of our newsletters (SMS, emails).

3.2. Your navigation on the Y2K-STREETWEAR.store Site In order to allow you to navigate the Y2K-STREETWEAR.store site, we process your data with the legal basis for this being your consent.

3.3. Processing of your orders In order to handle your orders and process them, we use your data. The use we make of it serves to manage mediation, customer relationship (and that through social networks), our after-sales service and distance selling, our actions related to marketing management and commercial prospecting for the Y2K-STREETWEAR.store site, as well as for the management, deliveries, and transport of orders. The execution of the contract between the two parties (you and us) is the legal basis for the processing of this data. The legal obligation of EURL EP PUBLISHING is the legal basis for the processing, for the management of product recalls. Your consent or our legitimate interest are, depending on the case, the legal basis for processing for marketing and commercial prospecting actions. Your consent is required for the implementation of "flash" payment.

3.4. Payment in installments For orders concerned by payment in installments and for certain customers, your data is processed in order to offer you this type of payment. The application of the contract between the two parties is the legal basis for the processing of the data. However, your consent remains the basis for the processing of your banking data.

3.5. Customer reviews In order to share your opinions with our customers and visitors, as well as to allow you to leave your opinion on the Y2K-STREETWEAR.store site, we use your data on the legal basis of your consent or legitimate interest.

3.6. Payment recovery and fraud prevention In order to enable payment recovery and fraud prevention, we use your data. This allows us to also ensure the security of payments. The application of this contract between the two parties and the legitimate interest of EURL EP PUBLISHING, as the data controller, are the legal bases for this processing.

3.7. Operations management of the advertising agency of EURL EP PUBLISHING The advertising agency operations of EURL EP PUBLISHING are managed using your data. This will allow us to increase our customer and prospect data, manage the maintenance and technical activities of prospects, commercial statistics and advertising campaign studies, update the prospecting files of the organization in charge of managing opposition to telephone canvassing, solicitations, the implementation of our contests and lotteries or any other promotional operation except for online gambling. The legal bases of the mentioned provisions above are the user's consent or the legitimate interest of EURL EP PUBLISHING.


Your data is transmitted to several internal services of EP PUBLISHING. They are not sent to third parties, except in the situations specified below:

In order to process your orders, your personal data may be transmitted to several providers specializing in banking transactions, customer relations, after-sales service, delivery, IT development, site management, or the provision of guarantees or insurance. For the implementation of payment in installments, your data may be shared with providers such as payment and transaction centers (banks...), or call centers for the management of business processes or customer experience, or for customer reviews, with a manager of customer review collection and processing. EP PUBLISHING's advertising agency is managed, using your data, by the agency's clients and advertisers.


The data collected by EP PUBLISHING is kept only for the time and help necessary for the implementation and completion of the operations mentioned in paragraph 3 of our personal data policy.

We keep certain data collected by EP PUBLISHING for a certain time:

In current archives for prospects: 3 years from the last contact with the prospect. In the case of a customer: during the contractual relationship, then 5 years for the purpose of commercial prospecting.


In accordance with the regulations on personal data protection, you have the right to access, rectify, and delete your personal data. You also have the right to oppose or limit their processing, and to their portability.


EP PUBLISHING implements all technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data.


The data processed by EP PUBLISHING is not transferred to any third countries outside the European Union.


The personal data protection policy implemented by EP PUBLISHING is updated regularly.